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Aina Vidal-Pérez

Aina Vidal-Pérez holds a degree in Hispanic philology from the Universitat de València and a master’s degree in education with a specialization in language and literature. In addition, she studied the master’s degree Humanities: Contemporary Art, Literature and Culture at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), which culminated with her master’s thesis on memory and space in Rafael Chirbes’s narratives, allowing her to specialize in the field of space theory and ecocriticism.

With an FI grant from the AGAUR and the ESF, she is currently a PhD candidate in the UOC’s humanities and communications program and a member of the Global Literary Studies Research Lab, also at the UOC.

Her doctoral thesis focuses on literary representations of the Mediterranean Coast in the novel of the global era, with the title Global Mediterranean. Representations of the coast in crisis in the contemporary novel (1990-2020). The study is part of a new framework in global literary studies and aims to contribute to recent research on novels and to the growing discussions in the fields of ecocriticism and spatial representations, through the analysis of the Mediterranean as a hybrid and vulnerable environment.

As part of GlobaLS, she is interested in novel and narrative spaces from a global perspective.

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