The Global Literary Studies Research Laboratory (GlobaLS) aims to analyze cross-border cultural and literary phenomena from a gender, ethical and digital perspective. With this general framework, five main objectives are set:

1. Analyze literary history from a global, decentralized and interdisciplinary perspective that allows us to observe cultural and literary phenomena that go beyond national frameworks and can be determined by broader configurations and different scales: local, national, regional, continental, or global.

2. Consolidate global literary studies, still emerging, and characterize the discipline through theoretical reflection on five key concepts: space, scale, time, connectivity and agency.

3. To promote the global study of literature, film cultures and imaginaries of the future from an interdisciplinary perspective that connects the humanities and the social sciences.

4. To study literary and cultural processes, as well as their agents, on a local and global scale, from the idea of ​​movement, displacement and connectivity, through case studies that allow to discover invisible and insufficiently studied networks and voices.

5. Reduce inequalities in knowledge production and promote open science, data mining and big data approaches in southern Europe and the global south, as well as critical reflection on gender and race.

These scientific objectives will be achieved through five lines of research: Global Translation Flows, Global Novel, Global Literary Environments, Global Cinema, and Global Social Imaginaries.