Diana Roig-Sanz is an ERC Starting Grant holder and a Ramón y Cajal senior research fellow at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). She has been visiting professor at the Oxford Internet Institute, at the University of Oxford, and has developed research residencies and postdoctoral fellowships at top-ranked institutions such the Centre for Translation Studies (KU Leuven); the IHMC (École Normale Supérieure), the Department of European and Intercultural Studies (La Sapienza), or the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analyses (Amsterdam).

Her research interests deal with sociology of translation and cultural history from a global and digital humanities approach and her successive projects have been based on a consistent and fruitful research line on cultural transfer and the circulation of cultural goods, in which she has strived to challenge and revise former scholarly interpretations and develop new original approaches.

She is the coordinator of the Global Literary Studies Research Group (GlobaLS) and the principal investigator of the project MapModern - Social Networks of the Past.

Her publications include Bourdieu after Bourdieu (Arco Libros, 2014), Literary Translation in ‘Peripheral’ Cultures. Customs Officers or Smugglers? (Palgrave, 2018, co-edited with Reine Meylaerts), Cultural Organisations, Networks and Mediators in Contemporary Ibero-America (Routledge, forth., with Jaume Subirana) and Mapping Global Literary Translation Flows. Literature Across Boundaries (in preparation).

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